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Opeth -- San Francisco, CA -- October 6th, 2008

Great show, ended up running into Matt Pike a few times over the course of the night and got an awesome picture with him. I'd also like to note that a lot of Opeth fans are douchebags because they happen to think that they
are better than everybody else, because they listen to Opeth.

Baroness played an awesome short set to myself and about 2 other excited fans. This was their first show on the tour and 2nd or 3rd with their new guitar player who filled in just fine. Merch was overpriced at 30 for t-shirts, 20 for a red album print and 20 for the first 2 EP's on CD
Baroness set list:
The Birthing
Rays On Pinion
Red Sky

A decent number of fans showed up unlike Gigantour, but all of the Opeth fans seemed to be irritated by the band and any fans causing movement. Pike didn't have the same mojo during guitar solos that he did last time we saw them, but everything else was gravy.
High On Fire set list:
Fury Whip
Cometh Down Hessian
Death Is This Communion
Rumors Of War
Waste Of Tiamat

On a better note about their fans, when the lights turned off after the last break before Opeth, I heard the loudest roar of the crowd anywhere this side of the HP Pavilion or the Shoreline. Even in between songs it sounded like they were playing an arena in a space not much bigger than the Fillmore.
The Prog Nation tour must have been their best non-musical move ever, because I heard alot of people mentioning that this show would be their 2nd time seeing Opeth, the first being with DT.
The band was incredibly tight and once the lights got in sync it got to be a pretty good spectacle.
Opeth set list:
Heir Apparent
The Grand Conjuration
Serenity Painted Death
Hope Leaves
The Lotus Eater
The Night and the Silent Water
Demon of the Fall
The Drapery Falls
9/25 AC/DC hoodrat experience
9/29 Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

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