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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I HATE Into Eternity. I have had to see that band live SIX times now, all on different tours, all with horribly inappropriate bands. I've heard them live, I've heard them in the studio, and failed to be impressed by either. They have moments where I'm like: "I like this, this is good", but then they always just fuck it up by throwing in 5 unnecessary changes and breakdowns which totally fuck any feel the song may have had into oblivion. They embody the "complexity for the sake of complexity" vibe I hate about so much music carrying the "Progressive" tag these days. And frankly if their live performances are "perfection", I would be kind of concerned, considering the sloppiness is tangible even for someone as disinterested as myself.
Nothing against you, but I have a grudge against Into Eternity like you wouldn't believe.

Ok no problem then. Just wanted to see what your deal was. "complexity for the sake of complexity", sorry but I instantly thought of Dream Theater haha. "Playing Music; Like It's A Sport!"
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