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Amorphis -- Philadelphia, PA -- September 30th, 2008

The evening opened with some pay-to-play local band that, through some stroke of misfortune, played longer that the first touring band, Virgin Black! What an inglorious comment on the Troc's management that actual paying customers were exposed to another unnecessary narcissistic exhibition barely worthy of a high school talent show. Okay...back to the real bands: Virgin Black was spellbinding, albeit, as mentioned above, if for only the three songs they were allowed to play. Then came Samael with a mesmerizing set, their return to the states after the 2003 tour. Finally Amorphis, as listed below:

i of crimson blood
leaves scar
against widows
into hiding
towards and against
the smoke
sign from the north side
my kantele
house of sleep
black winter day

Numerous changes in the set list were noted due to the fact that Tomi's voice was supposedly under the weather. Although Niclas announced all the songs, Tomi gave a undeniably worthy performance! Kiitos, guys!
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