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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
In regards to Barlow:

When I saw Iced Earth in Philly I heard none of these problems, and trust me I could definitely hear Barlow. It's pretty much as simple as this:
In case you didn't know, that show was their 7th or 8th consecutive show. They have played every night since the 21st, and for someone like Barlow who uses so much of his high range, playing 8 consecutive nights when you haven't toured actively in 6 years is absolute MURDER on your voice. Barlow has it, there's absolutely no question about it, he's just seriously under strain from overexertion.
So the recording of the new album and the whole Euro-Tour didn't check him up alittle? I mean nothing against him, I just expected a lot better from him seeing how people go Ape-Shit over his vocals. I love the album verisons, he is great there, live... Eh... Needs work.
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