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Iced Earth -- Orlando, FL -- September 28th, 2008

Only two bands this time. The Iced Earth Set List was like all the rest. Nothing new, the crowd was equally into both bands, which is awesome because I love Into Eternity. All the old school fans with their jean jackets and Iced Earth/Iron Maiden shirts were diggin' them hard! The whole crowd was chanting and loving it. Stu was sick and saying thank you for being so forgiven of him and his illness, but the funny part, he had less mess up's then Matt.

Into Eternity:
Diagnosis Terminal
Beginning of the End
Severe Emotional Distress
Time Immemorial
Splintered Visions
Timeless Winter

Iced Earth:
Intro: In Sacred Flames
1.Behold the Wicked Child
2.Motivation of Man
3.Setian Massacre
4.Burning Times
5.Declaration Day
6.Vengeance is Mine
7.Ten Thousand Strong (Matt tried to hold the note... Failed, Coughed, and Walked Away)
9.Watching Over Me
10.I Walk Alone
11.Come What May
13.Hold at All Costs
14.High Water Mark
Encore: (It was really just a 30 second break... not even a encore...)
16.My Own Savior
(Matt "This is an old song, you may even know some of the words... it's the name of this band... Help me out... ICED-MOTHER-::crowd FUCKING EARTH!!::"
17.Iced Earth

Matt was having problem's all night with the songs with high-flying vocals. The Ripper Songs killed him, he would try and hit the notes, but they were so out of his range he would max out his voice and NO SOUND would even come out of him. He was coughing a lot too, which as a Singer myself, I know that means he didn't have enough breath or the proper range for that note.
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