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It was Progpower IX, not X. Amorphis was fucking phenomenal, outstanding set. House Of Sleep and My Kantele were the best songs of their set. Elvenking was great as well, but the best band by far, (and my main incentive for going) was Andromeda. Dead on musicianship, which if you've ever heard Andromeda, you should know it's ridiculously impressive. From memory which I'm fairly sure is accurate is (not in order):

The Words Unspoken
In The Deepest Of Waters
Chameleon Carneval
Cage Of Me
Inner Circle
(One song I didn't recognize which I assume is off of II=I)
Two new songs off of The Immunity Zone which sounded pretty solid

Iced Earth played the same set that they've been playing and Barlow is a fucking beast. He does Ripper's parts so well, I got chills during the end of Declaration Day, and Watching Over Me is one of the best live songs I've ever heard.
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