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I don't feel like writing up a huge review, so I'll just kind BS it right here:

BTBAM: I thought they were going to be good, but they were mediocre. I guess I was expecting like...I guess maybe Dillinger Escape Plan-esque crazy tempo changes and stuff? But, no, just metalcore. No terribly breakdowns like, say, Unearth or anything like that, but just nothing stood out about them. 6/10

BDM: Always put on a good show and tonight was no different. Their vocalist cracks me up, he always has a huge grin on his face. He's so happy! He ends every song the same way. Music cuts out, "FUCK YEAH!" They're fun. 7/10

Bodom: Best band of the night, they were really fun to listen to! The solos sounded fantastic live and that keyboard is awesome! Alexi Laiho is really awesome at what he does and every song, give for "Blooddrunk", was really engaging and powerful. No encores with silly jam songs, but that's okay. Bed of Razors was the highlight. 8/10

The Crowd: A lot of hardcore dancers during BTBAM but they were the "pick up the change" kind. During BTBAM there was a huge lack of devil horns too, which was weird. Everyone did rap hands during the breakdown-esque parts of BTBAM and Black Dahlia for some reason. During Black Dahlia, there were less hardcore dancers but they were the fucking most annoying I've ever seen. They would stand on the sides and, like, fucking do this stupid ass move to wait until the pit died down so they could go in. Like...the move was...okay, put your hands out in front of you like you're riding a motorcycle. Doing it? Okay, now act like you're revving the gas, and while doing that, imagine if a gangster was doing it. That's what they were doing. I was so fucking pissed off at them. People picked up on their faggotry and just kept running into them whenever they tried to do anything so they just left after BDM. In fact, about half the people there left after them. But then a bunch came in just for Bodom, so it evened out.
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