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1) That Was Just Your Life
2) Ride The Lightning
3) Motorbreath
4) All Nightmare Long
5) Disposable Heroes
6) Trapped Under Ice
7) No Remorse
8) For Whom The Bell Tolls
9) Frantic (Played in E with a solo added)
10) Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
11) The Thing That Should Not Be
12) To Live Is To Die
13) Fade To Black
14) The End of the Line
15) Phantom Lord
16) Hit The Lights
17) Let It Loose
18) …And Justice For All
19) Orion
20) The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
21) The Unforgiven
22) One
23) Whiplash
24) Eye Of The Beholder
25) Metal Militia
26) Creeping Death
27) Master Of Puppets
28) Fight Fire With Fire
29) The Four Horsemen
30) Seek And Destroy
31) The Call Of Ktulu

Yeah it would be like 3 and a half hours long but who hear can honestly say they wouldn’t want to see them play a set like this
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