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lets hope they dont pass out from doing all this

set I

creeping death
for whom the bell tolls
disposable heros
eye of the beholder
fight fire with fire
the frayed ends of sanity
enter sandman
sad but true
fade to black
welcome home(Sanitarium)
the thing that should not be
leper messiah
jump in the fire
damage inc
seek and destroy
the four horsemen

21 songs

2 hrs 11min 51 sec

set II

thats was just your life
the house that jack built
king nothing
until it sleeps
the end of the line
the day that never comes
the god that failed
the unforgiven
the unforgiven II
the unforgiven III
all nightmare long
the judas kiss
hero of the day
where ever i may roam
broken bead and scarred
the memory remains
where the wild things are
...and justice for all
master of puppets
ride the lightning

22 songs 2hrs 26min 34 sec

in all 43 songs 4hrs 38 min 25 sec

with a 40 minute break in between set one and two. and proboly some talking ect. it would be a little over five and a half hours

thats why its called a dream set
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