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ProgPower USA IX -- Atlanta, GA -- September 24-27th, 2008

Show is still going on, and the setlists are still coming in, but I'm getting them from the ProgPower USA Board. (aside from the Gamma Ray/Helloween sets, seeing as how they've stayed the same the entire tour and no one on the board mentioned any changes)

1. ??
2. Pain
3. Lost Reflection (Crimson Glory)
4. Monkey Song

Circle II Circle
1. All That Remains
2. Sea of White
3. Waiting
4. ??
5. ??
6. So Many Reasons
7. Heal You
8. Echoes
9. Fatal Warning
10. Soulbreaker
11. Guitar Solo
12. Chase the Lies
13. Guitar Solo 2
13. Revelations
14. ??
15. Forever
16. ??
17. Nothin' Going On (Savatage)
18. Taunting Cobras (Savatage)
19. Edge of Thorns (Savatage)


Manticora (<-- thanks to Spiral_Slave)
1. Enter the Carnival (Intro)
2. Cantos
3. 1963. Creator of Failure [aggression]
4. On A Sea Of Grass - Day
5. Gypsies' Dance, Part I
6. Gypsies' Dance, Part II
7. 1944. Playing God [hatred]

Gamma Ray
1. Into the Storm
2. Heaven Can Wait
3. New World Order
4. Fight
5. Empress
6. Valley of the Kings
7. Rebellion in Dreamland
8. Heavy Metal Universe
9. Ride the Sky
10. Somewhere Out in Space
11. Send Me A Sign

1. Crack the Riddle (Intro)
2. Halloween
3. Sole Survivor
4. March of Time
5. As Long As I Fall
6. A Tale That Wasn't Right
7. Drum Solo
8. Mr. Torture
9. Eagle Fly Free
10. If I Could Fly
11. Paint A New World
12. Dr. Stein
13. Medley: I Can/Where The Rain Grows/Perfect Gentleman/Power/Keeper of the Seven Keys
14. Future World (w/ Gamma Ray)
15. I Want Out (w/ Gamma Ray)


Lines to Follow
Scent of Snow
The Sad Game
Emerald City
Strange Kind of Energy

1. Totentanz (Intro)
2. The Scythe
3. Jigsaw Puzzle
4. Infection
5. The Divided Heart
6. The Wanderer
7. Poison Tears
8. Pagan Purity
9. The Winter Wake

Andromeda (Not in order) (<--Thanks to EchoesOfDecimation)
The Words Unspoken
In The Deepest Of Waters
Chameleon Carneval
Cage Of Me
Inner Circle
(One song which is probably off II=I)
Two new songs off of The Immunity Zone

Iron Savior
1. Battering Ram
2. Titans of Our Time
3. The Omega Man
4. Megatropolis
5. Coming Home
6. Condition Red
7. Mind Over Matter
8. Cybernetic Queen
9. Break The Curse
10. Iron Savior/Watcher In The Sky
11. Atlantis Falling
12. Breaking the Law

Out of Myself
02 Panic Room
Loose Heart
The Same River

1. I Of Crimson Blood
2. Leaves Scar
3. Against Widows
4. Into Hiding
5. Divinity
6. On Rich and Poor
7. Silent Waters
8. Towards And Against
9. Under A Soil and Black Stone
10. The Smoke
11. Sign From The North Side
12. My Kantele
13. Alone
14. Castaway
15. House of Sleep
16. Black Winter Day


Spheric Universe Experience
Heal my Pain
The Inner Quest
So Cold
Neptune's Revenge

Rob Rock
1. Garden of Chaos
2. End of Time
3. Rock the Earth
4. In the Night
5. Slayer of Souls
6. Judgment Day
7. Only a Matter of Time
8. This Time/Last Time
9. Savior's Call
10. Metal Breed
11. Warrior

Bring Me Everyone
I Hunt Alone
Down in Black
Double Nature

Jon Oliva's Pain
Sirens (Savatage)
Maniacal Renderings
Tonight He Grins Again (Savatage)
Hounds (Savatage)
Edge of Thorns (Savatage) (with Zak Stevens)
When the Crowds are Gone (Savatage)
Hall of the Mountain King (Savatage)

Iced Earth
1. In Sacred Flames (Intro)
2. Behold the Wicked Child
3. Motivation of Man
4. Setian Massacre
5. Burning Times
6. Declaration Day
7. Vengeance is Mine
8. Ten Thousand Strong
9. Stormrider
10. Watching Over Me
11. I Walk Alone
12. Come What May
13. Dracula
14. Hold at All Costs (Gettysburg Part II)
15. High Water Mark (Gettysburg Part III)
16. Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
17. My Own Savior
18. Iced Earth

Post will be edited as more setlists become available.

Still waiting for:

SEPT. 27:
Saint Deamon

Though I'm sure the CIIC and JOP setlists aren't that much different from the sets already posted here. Riverside's might not be either.

EDIT: IX. Not X. My mistake.

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