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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
I really liked GH3. After playing RB1, I wish it had a shuffle feature for song choice but over all I'm happy with it.

RB1 on PS3 was a major disappointment. My launch day hardware all broke very quickly. Not having a lot of folks to play the band mode in my living room sucked.

RB2 isn't leaving my xbox tray. It's that damn good. Importing all the RB1 songs (except a couple) is a major bonus. Between those and the huge DLC I've bought with my metal milk money, my playlists are freaking huge with lots and lots of metal. Fixing the band mode for us single players ruled. Add more character customization (i.e oblivion character creation) and it's all gold for me.

I'm really worried about GHWT. While RB has been about fun, GH has been about shred. In COPYING Rock Band, I fear for the soul of franchise. I don't another want another Rock Band. I want an even harder (than III) Guitar Hero IV. At the end of the day, I play more than one shooter and I'll probably play more than one music game.

Also, the RB2 hardward seems to be of A LOT better quality that my RB1 launch day gear. The only question is whether it last more three week to 60 days.
GH3 was awful. There were like, maybe 10 good songs, and they were not even fun to play.

Edit: Here's a list of the good songs in the game and their funness.

Bulls on Parade - Boring to play
Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll (Crappy Cover) - Parts of the song are fun.
Cult of Personality - Too hard to enjoy playing
Devil Went Down to Georgia - Too hard to enjoy playing
Holiday in Cambodia (Crappy Cover) - Fun to play
Knights of Cydonia - Fun to play
The Metal - Too annoying to play
Mississippi Queen - Boring to play
Number of the Beast - Fun to play
One - Too annoying to play
Paint it Black - Fun to play
Paranoid (Crappy Cover) - Decent to play
Raining Blood - Too hard to play
Rock and Roll All Night - Boring to play
Rock You Like a Hurricane - Boring to play
Sabotage - Boring to play
The Seeker (Crappy Cover) - Decent to play
Welcome to the Jungle - Decent to play

4 out of the 18 (out of the 48 total songs, not including the horrendous bonus songs) good songs are fun to play.

RB2 is incredible. They took the almost-perfect RB1 and fixed anything that was wrong with it.

However, the only thing I am disapointed with RB2 is how the character creator is pretty much identical. Barely anything new was added.

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