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Iced Earth -- Philadelphia, PA -- September 24th, 2008

So, tonight was my first ever time seeing Iced Earth, despite being a fan for about 5 years now.
My friends and I got to the Trocadero at about 5 sharp, and after getting some Chinese takeout got in line. Unfortunately we had our tickets at will-call so we were delayed upon opening of doors, but I still managed to be 2nd row, down on the right side.
Into Eternity were surprisingly first of the two openers and came on at 7:30. They played 6 songs, lasting about a half hour. I'm really getting sick of seeing these guys. Tonight was #6, which is WAY too much for a band I don't like at all. However I won't rip into them too badly, as they were at least entertaining tonight.
Saviours came on at 8:15 and played one of the most godawfully boring 40 minute sets I have ever seen. I would best describe them as a generally stoner-ish band, but really bad at that. They basically played a set comprised of entirely 2 or 3 riffs, and their singer is one of the most tone-deaf non-growlers I've ever heard. It wasn't awful, just REALLY boring. I seriously kinda dosed off for like 5 or 10 minutes.
Iced Earth themselves took the stage at like 9:20, and played about an hour and 40 minutes total. The show itself was pretty great, every member of the band being obviously very into their job. I really enjoy the new bassist, who not only is a very very competent player but also has a surprisingly good voice for backing vocals and has a great stage presence. Barlow was, as expected, in absolutely top form, his falsetto still among the best in the business, hands down. My only real complaints about the show come from the sound. First of all, this show was just WAY too loud, quite possibly like the loudest show I've ever been to. In addition to that all you could hear most of the time were drums, bass, and (surprise) rhythm guitar. Barlow was only really audible when he sang high or during ballads. The set list had a couple of really excellent surprises, some excellent expected tunes, and I'm not gonna lie, a disappointment or two, mainly the absence of A Question of Heaven. However, I am pleased to say I had a really good time and the show was definitely worth the trip, money, and time... and that's really all I'm looking for at the end of the day.

Set list:
Intro: In Sacred Flames
1.Behold the Wicked Child
2.Motivation of Man
3.Setian Massacre
4.Burning Times
5.Declaration Day
6.Vengeance is Mine
7.Ten Thousand Strong
9.Watching Over Me
10.I Walk Alone
11.Come What May
13.Hold at All Costs (Gettysburg)
14.High Water Mark (Gettysburg)
16.My Own Savior
17.Iced Earth
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