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Originally Posted by maidenpriest View Post
i only know one savatage album and thats hall of the mountain king (which im glad they played the title track ). does anyone else have other recommendations?
Well there are two sides to Savatage. If you are looking for an album in the same vein as Mt. King go for Power of the Night. Gutter Ballet wouldn't be a bad call either, but there are some ballads present.
Personally I prefer the 90s Savatage, namely the albums Streets, Edge of Thorns, and Handful of Rain in that order. The latter 2 have Zak Stevens (Circle II Circle vocalist) singing, who has a much more clean and melodic voice than Jon Oliva. Check out the song "Edge of Thorns" via YouTube or something. If you like it, go for Edge of Thorns or Handful of Rain.
Oh, and if you like Zak with Savatage, Circle of Circle's "Burden of Truth" is a must-own album.
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