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Helloween -- Worcester, MA -- September 20th, 2008

A little Helloween set change from the rest of the Hellish Rock tour. Absolutely amazing show, one of the best I've seen.

Gamma Ray
1. Welcome
2. Into the Storm
3. Heaven Can Wait
4. New World Order
5. Fight
6. Empress
7. Valley of the Kings
8. Rebellion in Dreamland
9. Heavy Metal Universe
10. Ride The Sky
11. Somewhere Out In Space
12. Send Me A Sign

1. Intro
2. Halloween
3. Sole Survivor
4. March of Time
5. As Long As I Fall
6. A Tale That Wasn't Right
7. Drum Solo
8. Paint a New World(*)
9. Mr. Torture(*)
10. Eagle Fly Free
11. If I Could Fly(*)
12. Dr. Stein
13. Medley: (I Can/Where The Rain Grows/Perfect Gentleman/Power/Keeper of the Seven Keys)
14. Future World (w/ Gamma Ray)
15. I Want Out (w/ Gamma Ray)

(*) an estimation of where they placed it. They didn't play "The King For 1000 Years" or "The Bells Of The Seven Hells", and played those three instead. So I put two in place of King, and one in place of Bells. That's generally when they were played, just not sure if that's exactly the placement.
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