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Source: Message from Blaze Bayley's MySpace page.


This is just a quick update to let you know that work is picking up again and we'll be back out there soon.

Currently there are no dramatic changes in Debbie's condition, she is still in a coma, but she has definitely made some progress along the slow path to recovery and we are all very excited about what seem tiny and small steps, such as moving her feet voluntarily in response to Blaze asking her to, and things like that. Definitely voluntary movement and not just any kind of random muscle reflex.

Another development you may notice is a new shop on the site. It's properly SSL encrypted and a bit more sophisticated than the old one, payment still handled via PayPal.

Meanwhile...we are rehearsing a new set with which to begin the 'Tour That Will Not Die' proper which begins on 4 October at Beverley's Metievel Festival. Then off to Ireland to raise some Hell over there.

Unfortunately we have had to postpone three UK shows through what can only be described as unavoidable circumstances. However, any tickets already purchased will be valid for the rescheduled shows.

Apart from that....we are booking shows in the UK, Europe and elsewhere, which will be listed on the tour section as soon as they are rock-solid confirmed! The rest of 2008 will see us doinf quite a few shows and 2009 is getting busier and busier...which is bloody great! :-)

See you on the road!! "
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