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Originally Posted by Firewind View Post
Bodom is pretty damn trendy, and their crowd is pretty trendy, so yeah...
I don't see how they are trendy. All the Bodom fans were long haired metal heads who loved to mosh (not hardcore dance) and loved to head bang . All the BDM fans were wearing their Side-Ways Volcom Hats, Their Gym Shorts, Puma Shoes, Big Ole Gages, and a gym tank top, oh and the massive amounts of facial piercings.

Most of them left after BDM anyway so I couldn't complain, less bitchery I had to put up with. Though one stayed and tried to Hardcore Dance in the "Downfall" Pit, he was the target of the whole pit and was annilated.

And if you are talking about their music as trendy, I don't see them having trendy breakdowns, plus they have keyboards. Oh and you can't forget the not so easy to play solo's they come up with. They have definately toned themselves down from their 1st 4 albums, but they certainly aren't following the Death/Metalcore trend that is sweeping through Extreme Music.
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