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Originally Posted by Butcher of Birth View Post
At the Orlando show the BTBAM fans out numbered the BDM fans I would say 5:1. BDM had a decent crowd, but everyone seemed to know the words to all the BTBAM songs. I prefer the latter of the pair though.

So on Bodom's HEADLINING Tour you expect BDM to play AFTER Bodom? Are you Mental?!

I'm glad BDM played 1st and the shortest. It was the 4th Time Seeing them and they get worse everytime, I can't deal with trendy bands playing trendy music for trendy people. Bodom killed though, no one in the world would any of the 2 openers been more intense then them.

And I saw BDM on their Summer Slaughter tour, so most of the corwd was for BDM and that still didn't compare to Bodom's crowd.

Hey bro im sooo sorry i totally gelled i meant to say why i bdm before between. i really hope this friday when i see them between opens black dahlia and bodom fucking kill.
between aint trendy if they started the stupid trend i hate mallcre metal core death and all that bukllshit just much as the next but Back dahli have certainly become more then that.
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