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Sources: Credit Where Credit Is Due

A friendly reminder from the Director of Set List Intelligence: The Set List Secret Police won't arrest you but please try to credit the source of your set list. A lot of metal fans and sites work as hard as we do to get information for everyone to see. I want to make sure they get 'credit' as the source for the information.

A linkback to the source is always good. I ususally start my set lists thread with a "Source: " line. To create a link on the forum, hit the little earth with the chainlink on it; it's right below the white smiley face. It will ask you for the link and you type (or copy/paste) it in there. You'll get a line of vbulletin code. Then you can edit the name of the link between the code.

This way, you'll see Source: Blabbermouth instead of Source: <some long ass roadrunner url>.

If you're still unsure how to do this, please post your set list anyway and we'll clean it up for you.
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