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Pavo Blogs Live On Launch Of Rock Band 2

From what I gather, there are only places in Northern California selling Rock Band 2 at midnight, all three Walmart Supercenters: Gilroy, Stockton, and Sacramento. I managed to buy copy number one of only sixteen in Gilroy. I basically fucking rule.

Ok, I rule mostly by fucking accident. Last night, the Mickster and I went to see Nightwish. A long story made short, the Mickster got a little drunk and I spent the night sucking down so much Monster Energy that I was jacked up until morning. I ended up sleeping this afternoon into the evening for a few hours. A few minutes into scanning the game site, I realized Rock Band 2 was actually launching tonight and not Tuesday.

After another hour of recon, I realized my only shot was the Gilroy Walmart. I arrived about 9:45 PM, expecting to a huge line. Not a soul was waiting. However, my friends working the electronics department at the store told me they were getting a lot of calls.

For the next hour, we just shot the shit about games and music and time passed quickly. Eventually, people started showing up. Gamers. Music geek. Gaming music geeks. It was super cool and I enjoyed every one of it.

So now I'm at home typing this out and preparing my sacrifice to the gods of metal ( tacos) and am basically going to play all fucking night. I'm going to update this thread throughout the night as a first impression. When the rest of you fuckers buy the game in the morning ( ), you can take over this thread.

Oh mighty God of Metal.. please accept this taco....
Jaco died for our sins so that modern bass players could be free to play more and be heard.
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