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Raven -- Allentown, PA -- September 12th, 2008

FIRST OFF, I realize we're supposed to keep thread names down to one band name, but I just can't. Raven were technically headlining but I have the least info on them. And Of the 3 bands I have the most info on, none was really on a better billing than the other.

Alright, long story short: Aside from the 2 random schmuck bands in the bar and the 2nd rate cover band, this was a great show, and it was finally great for us to get to play with a bunch of bands in our general bracket of music. Zandelle were absolutely fucking awesome, Sacred Oath were pretty good, Raven were a ton of fun as always for what of their set I could stay for, and I felt my band played well and there were actually people really into our set.

Zandelle set list:
1.Blood Red Shores
2.Flames of Rage
3.The Champion
4.The Final Hour
5.Bringer of Doom
6.Inner Strength
7.Dragon's Hoard
8.Warlords of Steel (including about 2 minutes of Master of Puppets)

Necromance set list:
2.The End of Our Days
3.Stand Up and Fight
4.The Prisoner (Iron Maiden)
5.Never Look Back
6.Destiny Calls
7.Power of the Night (Savatage)
Encore: (yes, actual by-demand encore)
8.Holy Diver (Dio) (on request)

Sacred Oath set list:
1.Two Powers
2.Darkness Visible
3.A Crystal Vision
4.Words Upon the Stone
5.Ferryman's Lair
6.Battle Cry
7.Rising From the Grave
I think they may have not actually played all of those songs, but I missed some of their set due to breakdown from my band's set, so I just have the physical paper and no way of knowing what actually got played. The songs I can garuntee were played were Two Powers, Ferryman's Lair, and Rising From the Grave.

Raven set list:
1.Take Control
2.Live at the Inferno
3.All For One
4.Breaking You Down (new)
5.? (didn't catch the name)
6.Rock Until You Drop
There was obviously a lot more but I had a killer headache and needed to get home and get to bed. I should hopefully be getting the correct set list soon and then updating.
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