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Necrophagist -- Clifton Park, NY -- September 10th, 2008

Ok, so I mainly went for Necrophagist, and I'm slightly familiar with Dying Fetus, so, them too, but I'll post small reviews of every band.

Veil of Maya
I guess they were alright, if you're into fighting invisible Ninjas doing that whole "hardcore" dancing thing because a lot of people just went for this band. Not to complain, really, hardcore dancing is a really fucking funny thing to watch, some people were even doing this weird ass "put my hands on the ground and push up thing". I knew this band would bring these people.

Beneath the Massacre
Not familiar really, second time seeing them, they were ok. Hardcore dancers were still at it.

Dying Fetus
They were good, not really familiar with most song names, but they did play:
Kill your Mother and Rape your Dog
Hardcore dancers, yet again were still going.

The reason to go. This was my second time seeing them, first was in the city with Carcass, the sound was way better at the Nokia theater, but that's to be expected. No hardcore kids, no mosh pits. They said their new CD should be out before Summer Slaughter 2009(didn't specify US or Canada), they've been working on it and took a break to do some concerts.

NOT in order:
Foul Body Autopsy
To Breathe in a Casket
Intestinal Incubation
Extreme Unction
Fermented Offal Discharge
The Stillborn One
Ignominious and Pale
Diminished To B
Only Ash Remains
Symbiotic in Theory

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