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The Cult of Cheese (Bonus metal song inside!)

Okay, so I don't really have a side project or anything, but right now, I basically have a studio in my room... it's all centered around a full size Roland electric piano (the model number eludes me at the moment) so on that I have a dedicated mixer and computer for recording.

The main software I use is Adobe Audition 3.0 and Reason 4.0, and for Reason, I have the piano re-fills pack, which I have to say is pretty incredible.

Anyways, around that setup I have my Line 6 PodXT Live. I have the guitar version, but this summer I bought all the expansions for it, so I have the bass amps, and the metal shop shit, etc. I also have a permanent vocal recording setup... my main mic for that is an MXL 990. Anyways, since my band isn't able to perform right now, the setup is permanent, and while it consumes a vast portion of my room, the fact that I can just walk in, pick up an instrument and play and record is pretty awesome.

Sometimes I just like to work on random musical things that aren't going to be a part of any band, but sometimes I like to share them, or stick them on my MySpace, so I opened a profile called Cult of Cheese...

Right now, the only songs up are piano solo pieces I've written this year. The first, "When The World Ends" is actually going to become a real song this weekend, just a weird one. What's up there is a rough, loud, and sloppy demo. The final one is a lot longer and more diverse. It also has lyrics (they're poetic and donít follow a traditional structure though.)

The second song is "Lilacs," which is not a great piece of music. But this is the first year I've ever tried to compose on the piano, and this was the first song, which I wrote for my then girlfriend (awww.) Of course, our relationship fell apart, and the last song ("Home") is mostly just a re-working of the main theme from Lilacs.

Anyways, none of this is metal, or really band type of material, I just felt like sharing it. In addition, I have a lot of little scraps of music I've been working on lately. They're not necessarily meant to become songs, some are just me messing around with what I can do with the software, so I'll just list them by instruments with a short description...

Strings + Guitar/Bass/Drums - Kind of movie sounding imo.
Strings + Snare - Not really sure.
Piano + Violin - Probably a song for guitar.

And finally, if you read this far, have a metal song... "Eternal Exile" by Baptized By Fire, my old band. This was never properly recorded. This version was live (bass was overdubbed, because I played guitar for the practice, then added the bass in) and we recorded it because we had switched instruments. I used to play bass, but switched to guitar (and also provided bass) and the guitarist played drums, so that's why it's rife with mistakes. This was the first day of the new arrangement, and we recorded it so we could listen and fix mistakes. But, the band fell apart in the winter during the actual recordings of the song, so this is it. Too bad, I liked the song, but it's not my music.
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