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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
I was feeling really lazy when I first posted this, but let me give an attempted rundown of the gig:

When we got there we were told the lawn was closed and everyone with lawn tickets would get a free upgrade to the seats. This included us. That was awesome. Before Testament went on we met up with Eric (es156) and chatted, then he went down to his seat (he would also come chat with us in between bands, but security were dicks so it was always limited because he was apparently standing in some fire lane or something haha).
the security there gets worse and worse, and it is becuase they are trying to sell the place. Basically they want to turn fans away, and just treat everyone like shit, when i got there i was trying to purchase a lawn seat and had to purches a seat which was more money just becuase lawn was closed. I compeltly lost it on a few ticket people and there managar, it was complete bs, but they are horrible there for a reason, they don't want anymore shows there, and they are making that very clear
Never enough shows
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