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Definitely, Judas Priest lived up to what I've been waiting 4 years for since last time.

All of the sets were the same as the previous ones posted, and Testament went with More Than Meets the Eye, Henchmen and The Formation... instead of doing Souls of Black. Not really the best choice to do 3 new songs at the end of a 6 song set IMO, but I guess thats up to Testament.

Motorhead was good, but there wasn't too much energy until their last two songs, Ace of Spades and Overkill.

Heaven and Hell didn't really hit me like I thought they would, because of all the rave reviews from the past 2 tours. In a way I'm not too surprised because while H&H is good, I prefer the original Sabbath 100%.

Judas Priest was amazing like always, but the show didn't really start until they finished Prophecy (props for only one new song in the shortened set). Highlights included Metal Gods, Devil's Child, Rock Hard, Ride Free, Painkiller, and Green Manalishi, which comes out to about a third of the set.

As I said a while ago, Priest played much better than Maiden on Ozzfest, but this year I'd have to give the edge to Maiden. A very, very slight edge.
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