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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
Since there is no Wal Mart in the 5 boroughs of New York City, (I think the closest is out on Long Island or out in Jersey?)

I hope they don't mind their album not cracking the top 10 and since AC/DC seems to be against downloading (correct me if I'm wrong?) as nothing is on Rhapsody except 1 song from last action hero, I guess they really don't want to sell this record, I mean what gives?

Hey Angus, You're not the Garth Brooks box set! fellas
It's AC fucking DC
Journey released their newest album "Revelation" exclusively through Wal-Mart, and it cracked the top 10 in it's first week, possibly even top 5, I don't remember exactly.
Oh, and to clarify, it being sold "exclusively" at Wal-Mart is a little misleading. This only means that no other chain stores IE Best Buy or FYE will carry it. Any and all independent record shops will still have it.
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