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Starfuckers -- Hollywood, CA -- Aug 28th, 2008

Starfuckers is a cover band that plays the Cat Club in Hollywood every Thursday night. The main reason I went was for Mad Juana, Sammi Yaffa's 8-piece gypsy group. It was my third time seeing them. Not close to metal but Sammi Yaffa was a founding member of Hanoi Rocks and is a current touring member of New York Dolls. In this group he plays acoustic guitar, his wife Karmen Guy sings, Steve Rodriquez formerly of the Dragons plays bass and they also have horn players, accordion player and a violin player.

Mad Juana 45 mins

01. Domingo
02. Keep On Walking
03. Mad Love
04. Heloise
05. Living In Babylon
06. Stranger Than Paradise
07. Is That Enough
08. Valhalla
09. 6" Ditch
10. Bury Me Standing
11. Revolution Avenue

Starfuckers (80 mins)

Dizzy Reed - keyboards
Stefan Aidika - bass
Eric Dover - guitar
Mike Dupke - drums

They were pretty good as far as cover bands go but not really worth staggering in at 4:00 in the morning over. Was going to bail to catch my bus home out front in 5 mins when they brought up Sammi to play bass on a few songs so I ended up sticking it out to the very end and got home at 4:15!

-intro by Melrose Larry Green-
01. It's So Easy
02. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
03. Rockaway Beach
04. Under My Thumb
05. Movin' On Up (Jeffersons Theme)
06. You're So Vain
07. Live With Me (with Sammi Yaffa)
08. I Wanna Be Your Dog (medley with Stepping Stone, Gloria & Born On The Bayou) (with Sammi Yaffa) (Karmen Guy briefly sings on Gloria)
09. Oh Darling
10. Don't Stop Believin'
11. Ballroom Blitz
12. 20th Century Boy
13. Sweet Child O'Mine
14. Sympathy For The Devil
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