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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
White Pearl, Black Oceans?!?!?!

I had been hoping for Beauty and the Beast w/ Tony joining Nightwish. But, whatever, THIS IS STILL AMAZING OHWOW.

I also like Draw Me being in the Sonata set being the real ballad of the set in place of Broken or Tallulah. I like all of their ballad-y songs, but I'm glad that it's a different one than when I saw them last October.

Seeing this tonight in Worcester. Will report any set changes.

...But, out of curiosity, what is the surprise in Nightwish's set? It all seems pretty par for the course lately, though it's nice to see Sacrament is back. I'd actually have to say the biggest shock of their set is the absence of Nemo.
Yeah, the surprise in the Nightwish set I was referring to was the absence of " Nemo. " Also, they did " Slaying The Dreamer " which hasn't been done in a while.
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