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Genghis Tron -- Toledo, OH -- August 25th, 2008

Wacky day of debauchery and madness. Well, vaguely anyway.

Openers were Hot Damn!, a sort of Minor Threat/Black Flag worship duo, and Bureaucratic Dysentery, a one-man band that took all his cues from early Napalm Death.

On to Genghis Tron. For a tiny bar venue, they had an INSANE light show (though frontman Mookie Singerman joked about the NIN show in Toledo the same night, saying "Thanks for being with us instead of Reznor. Although I'm sure they have a much better light show. In fact, what are you doing here?"). They played shit from all three albums and sounded fantastic doing it. My brother and I also got in like three fucking hours early and hung out with the Tron while they ate pizza and soundchecked "Endless Teeth" and "Things Don't Look Good". I bought a shirt and a CD. Fun stuff.

Setlist was:

Board Up the House
Things Don't Look Good
Ride the Steambolt
I Won't Come Back Alive
City on a Hill
Endless Teeth
Asleep on the Forest Floor

See Genghis Tron.
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