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Originally Posted by jaysadler2 View Post
also dunno why people are kinda slagging off metallica....

i know ur entitled to your opinnion.....

but if u r a fan of metal music....u would still show metallica some respect 4 what they done in the 80s/early 90s

Originally Posted by jaysadler2 View Post
Overall- 7.5/10 (mostly effort)

7.5 on effort. We're talking about fucking Metallica here! Rating a Metallica on EFFORT?

To your point: Metallica is an easy target because of almost everything they've produced since Load. I often hear people -- including a lot of bands on stage -- very respectfully talk about "Metallica-Back-In-The-Day", not so much about Post Black (for many) or Post Load (for me) Metallica. Everyone has their reasons for the slag. Personally, I skipped music in the 90s and missed most of Metallica's greatest sins firsthand, so I don't carry that baggage. That's like going from Justice in college straight to the St Anger. The Permanent Record contains my experiences of four St Anger concerts, and Metallica got a lot of respect in each. My first Metallica concert in Oakland is always going to be one of my favorite metal memories.

Those shows were over four years ago, and a lot of metal has passed my way since then. Maybe Metallica has been away so long that I've stopped caring. I don't know. Part of me doesn't 'believe' them anymore, not the way I believe Steve Harris on stage during a Maiden show. About St Anger, Lars said something about making aggressive music without the negativity. Was I alone in thinking "FUCK YOU, LARS!"? I'm just not buying it anymore at least the same way I once did.
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