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I was feeling really lazy when I first posted this, but let me give an attempted rundown of the gig:

When we got there we were told the lawn was closed and everyone with lawn tickets would get a free upgrade to the seats. This included us. That was awesome. Before Testament went on we met up with Eric (es156) and chatted, then he went down to his seat (he would also come chat with us in between bands, but security were dicks so it was always limited because he was apparently standing in some fire lane or something haha).

Testament were pretty listenable actually. I enjoyed them even though I wasn't familiar with most of the stuff. Skolnick shreds like few others, gotta love him.

Motorhead were terrible. Just terrible. I hate Motorhead. Even Ace of Spades, which I thought I liked, was terrible. Buncha knuckleheads.

Heaven and Hell were great, and I'm glad they kept the majority of my favorite Dio Sabbath songs in the abbreviated set (despite the stupid move of dropping Computer God and After All so Time Machine could represent Dehumanizer. Time Machine sucks). In particular, "Children of the Sea" and "The Sign of the Southern Cross" were amazing to hear again.

JUDAS FUCKING PRIEST. It borders on irrational how awesome they sounded, looked, and just simply were. Everyone was firing on all cylinders, and Halford needs to give Bruce a lesson in how to sing when you're old. He sounded great because he only sang what he was capable of singing, and when he busted out some crazy high note or held a note for half a minute, it was that much more rewarding. The unison headbanging was crazy awesome, "Prophecy" made me strangely want more Nostradamus tracks to be played, and the three Painkiller songs made this set a strong contender for top live show of the year. Oh wait, I saw Maiden twice. Well, third is respectable too. Go see Priest, they rule.
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