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dream guitar hero setlist

all right put the title of each catagorie seriously and make it less than 80 songs i dont care if u put them all from one band just make it fun

mine goes as follows

1. thrash metal
anthrax= indians
megadeath= peace sells
slipknot= wait and bleed
slayer= angel of death
mettalica= whiplash
battle kirk hammett
mettalica= seek and destroy

2. hair metal
quiet riot= bang your head
poison= look what the cat dragged in
ratt= round and round
twisted sister= i wanna rock
motley crue= too young to fall in love
battle mick mars
motley crue= dr feelgood

3. grunge
pearl jam= even flow
nirvana= smells like teen spirt
soundgarden= black hole sun
alice in chains= them bones
nirvana= heart shaped box
battle kirk cobain
nirvana= lithium

4. founders of heavy metal
black sabbath= iron man
black sabbath= N.I.B.
black sabbath= black sabbath
led zepplin= immagrint song
led zepplin= moby dick
battle jimmy paige
led zepplin= whole lotta love

5. british invasion
motorhead= ace of spades
def leppard= rock of ages
def leppard= high and dry
judas priest= parental guidance or living after midnight
iron maiden= can i play with madness
battle dave murray
iron maiden= run to the hills

6. shock rock
alice cooper= billion dollar babies
alice cooper= teenage frankenstien
wasp= wild child
kiss= god of thunder
kiss= shock me
battle ace frehley
kiss= rocket ride

7. guitar gods
eric clapton= layla
guns n roses= november rain
ac/dc= thunderstruck
jimi hendrix= voodoo child
van halen= aint talkin 'bout love
battle eddie van halen
van halen= unchained

8. frontman hero (songs saluting rocks finest front men)
ac/dc= tnt
aerosmith= draw the line
ozzy osbourne= bark at the moon
dio= rainbow in the dark
paul stanley= live to win
the who= squeeze box

9. rock anthems
ac/dc= for those about to rock
the who= wont get fooled again
queen= we will rock you
led zepplin= rock and roll
kiss= god gave rock and roll to you
twisted sister= were not gonna take it

10. greatest guitar solos ever (this will piss a lot of people off)
eddie van halen= euroption
randy rhoads= crazy train
zakk wylde= no more tears
jimi hendrix= all along the watchtower
vernon reid= cult of personallity
dimebag darrel= walk

11. bonus songs (songs that i like)
kiss= unholy
sammy hagar= i cant drive 55
stepenwolf= born to be wild
thin lizzy= whisky in the jar
mettalica= the memory remains
heart= barracuda
anthrax= parasite (kiss cover)
white zombie= thunderkiss 65
kansas= carry on wayward son
deep purple= burn
iron maiden= the trooper
kiss= she
jimi hendrix= star spangled banner
autograph= turn up the radio
def leppard= lets get rocked

all right i spent 9 hours trying to get this list down to the right amount of songs that i wanted so try ya best if you wanna come up with your own
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