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Mayhem Festival -- Hartford, CT -- August 16, 2008

Sorry I am late with my official report; I at least want to post this correctly with as few edits as possible. I was also late to the festival in the first place and I missed 36 Crazyfists. Also, many thanks to the authors of previous setlist posts for this festival.

When we finally got to the secondary stages, The Red Chord was finishing their set and Airbourne was next. I was very thankful that both stages were right next to each other. I may have missed the first song due to a hunt for alcohol. I wasn’t wholly interested in them per se, but here’s what I got:

? (assuming there was one I missed)
Stand Up for Rock n’ Roll
Cheap Wine, Cheaper Women
Girls in Black
Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
Running Wild

Suicide Silence – a band I am unfamiliar with. I took notes just to get my hands dirty so to speak. Based on my scrawl, I think they played 6 songs. The second song had a recorded intro where the voice was saying Tom Hanks is funny leading to “I have aids” then laughing. The fourth song was dedicated to the ladies, but I missed what he said was the title, assuming he said it.

Walls of Jericho – my first exposure to them was at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival where I first saw Iced Earth. By my count, I thought they played 8 or 9 songs. After the first song, there was “We’re WoJ and the next song is…”; I thought I heard something about Broken Promises. #4 was from the new album, called “The American Dream”. The third to last song was also from the new album, called “The Prey” (I think) and the last song was called "No Piece of Me".

Black Tide – one of my main focuses of the Mayhem festival.

Black Abyss
Show Me The Way
Prowler (Iron Maiden cover)
Warriors of Time
Light from Above

Mastodon – The next main focus of my Mayhem festival experience. The last 4 I think are correct.

The Wolf is Loose
Crystal Skull
Capillarian Crest
Colony of Birchmen
?Circle of Sysquatch
?Aqua Dementia
?Iron Tusk
?March of the Fire Ants

Next was Dragonforce. They were not as exuberant as I have seen them in the past.

?Revolution Deathsquad
Operation Ground & Pound
Heroes of Our Time
Valley of the Damned
Through the Fire & the Flames

Disturbed – Another main focus of my attendance.

Perfect Insanity
Just Stop
Land of Confusion
The Game
Inside the Fire
Down With the Sickness

Slipknot – First time for me. Excellent show. I am looking forward to their album support tour. I did not stick around for the encore, however.

The Blister Exists
Get This
Before I Forget
The Heretic Anthem
People = Shit
Your Friendly Neighborhood Creepy Old Guy
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