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Aether & Ashes

Hey folks, so my old band Baptized By Fire split in January. It's been a long year for me... all kinds of crazy drama in my life, but I've finally had a chance to focus on music again. The vocalist from Baptized By Fire and myself have started a new band called Aether & Ashes. It's just us right now, which means all instruments are by me, and no drummer, so... yeah...

Anyways, we've got two songs online on our MySpace... an original piece called, "Twenty-Two" which is a more personal song than normal from me, and not really metal, so yeah... and a cover of Judas Priest's "Living After Midnight" because fuck it, why not? Apologies in advance about the drum machine on the latter - I'm not very good with it (yet.)

So anyways, hope you enjoy it, at least a bit. We have a few new songs coming soon, and a re-working of the old Baptized By Fire song, "Hell Is Here."

2/24 - The Foundry
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