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Talking the sound

i know after a few (too many) beers, that things always sound a bit funny.... okay, we missed testament entirely due to the booze factor. however, the first half of the heaven and hell setlist sounded a bit unclear, like too much reverb or something. but it got fixed half way through, and no, i don't think i was sobering up....
heaven and hell was great, dio hit the right notes, iommi and butler were great as well. vinny's solo was, well, vinny's solo. i saw these guys last year, even met them, and i would say there were equally as good, with the exception of the sound through the first half. i also timed the song heaven and hell, a cool 12 minutes, plus. nice to see neon nights. they played for just a little over an hour.
my first time seeing priest..... they were sharp and clear. however, there is no comparison to maiden. halford's voice was dead on, and i would say that live, he has the best voice out there.... i don't know of too many that can do better. k.k. and glen were on also. the band was overall, great. i would agree that this was a rarities setlist. but being that this is my first time seeing priest, i would have enjoyed more of their radio hits. yeah, i know, i am a puss, but heh, it was my first time seeing them.... they played for just a little over an hour and a half.
i was hoping that with no motorhead, all the bands would have thrown in a couple of more songs.
now, i touched on this subject in another post: why no motorhead?? also i am going to the same venue on 08-24-08 for the crue and buckcherry, and there will be no crue fest (no trapt, no sixx a.m., no papa roach), only the crue and buckcherry.....
anyone with any ideas on why we're getting screwed in connecticut??
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08/24/08 only the crue and buckcherry
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