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Necrophagist -- Toronto, Ontario -- August 16th, 2008

Only Ash Remains
Intestinal Incubation
Diminished to B
Foul Body Autopsy
To Breathe in a Casket
Extreme Unction
Ignominious and Pale
The Stillborn One
Fermented Offal Discharge

This was an amazing set by Necrophagist, I wished for it to have Seven and Advanced Corpse Tumor, but Muhamed himself said that he didnt like that song.

Me and NICK_666 went to this show around 12 to try to score some autographs. First autograph I get.. Muhamed Suicmez himself. Got my ticket signed, a set-times sheet signed, and a Summer Slaughter poster signed. I also got a photo WITH him and his guitar with the nice Necrophagist inlays.

After that I met the rest of Necrophagist, Singer/Bassist for Dying Fetus and some of Into Eternity.

Shirts were $35 and sweaters were $40. There were CD's from Dying Fetus and Tab book from Necrophagist as well.

Brutal Truth was a special guest for this show. I personally did not enjoy them but NICK_666 basically came over them.
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