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ok i'm back from my 2 week long vacation from Texas and i got a lot of catching up to do haha but first thing is first, i was at this show! and i fell it deserves my first metalsetlists rant

so i spent a weekend in dallas with my cousins. i arrived in Frisco after my 10 hour drive from el paso, where i was supposed to be staying, but my family wanted to go to visit my other family so yeah... i get there on friday with no intention of going to ozzfest. i would have liked to go, but i knew i couldn't.

so the next day comes, and the family goes out to eat at a near by restaurant. i get a table with my uncle, who i barely got to know just a couple of weeks before when they came over to my place for a week. so yeah we get to talking, and i already knew that he was a pretty big metallica fan, but i never knew that his total metallica concerts seen was over 10. so we started talking. i don't know how we did it, but over the course of the hour we were there, we persuaded each other to go to ozzfest. he told me that the stadium was next to the restaurant we were at, so i was excited. but we get there and the place is empty!!!!!!! haha it was the wrong stadium!!!!! damn it sucked, but i couldn't help but laugh. it was like in spinal tap when they go to the empty arena. a nice police lady though, helped us and gave us directions. it was really late though, around 8:00. but hey, luckily for us, pizza hut park was literally a 5 minute drive from the place we were at!!!! Frisco sure is a small place.

and off we go to ozzfest. i was hoping for no more mistakes or spinal tap moments. then we arrive. so we get off our car and head straight for the entrance. i could here ozzy playing war pigs. but i didn't care, cause i came to see metallica, i don't care of any of the other bands. we drop $80 each on tickets and head straight to the gates. we get the routine check and all, and another stop occurs!!! i was wearing my studded belt and i guess they weren't allowing those there. damn it sucked cause we were dropped off. this same thing happened to me almost a year ago when i went to see slayer. i was dropped off, and the line was horrendous. so by the time i got to the entrance, my folks were long gone, so i had no other choice but to throw my belt away. so here i was facing the situation once again. i was gonna call them to come back and take my belt, cause i knew they weren't far, but the security dude let me in!!!! awesome. we finally made our way in through the gates

i headed straight to the merch stands. i would have gotten the ozzfest 08 shirt, but since i missed almost all of the show, i chose the metallica shirt instead. but wait, they are out of my size!!!!!! nooooooooo!!!!!!! when will this stop. i take off to the other merch stand i saw and yes, they had my shirt. now i can finally get to my seats and party. but someone is in our seats haha who cares, we just went to different ones.

so ozzy was ok. better then last time i saw him with rob zombie. poor guy though, i see why he needs a brake. he could barely carry the bucks of water he was wetting the fans with. but hey, it was fun to watch. damn zacks solo was toooooooo long though. it was a great so from what i saw though, and hearing mama, i'm coming home is always a special moment for me. i love that song, and hearing it live again was just amazing. paranoid was great too.

so after his set, there was a huge fireworks show, as if the show was over. everyone of u should have seen the stoned guy in front of me during the fireworks. he looked like a baby seeing Barney for the first time haha
but it was time for our pee/drink brake. it was almost time for metallica, the band that i have loved and supported for years!!!! we head back to our seats for a good long wait. it was cool though cause everyone was doing the wave and crap so it was fun. then the The Ecstasy of Gold came on.

they get right in to creeping death, my second favorite metallica song of all time!!!! my dream of seeing metallica has finally came true. for whom the bell tolls was just as awesome. robs bass solo in the beginning was pretty cool. i love the part when james sings "Take a look to the sky just before you die, its the last time you will" and the lights went out, i went crazy haha then ride the lightning. that's 3 straight songs off my favorite album of all time. harvester of sorrow was great. sanitarium is another favorite of mine and wow it went by awesomely. Cyanide was actually pretty good. i would of rather heard that then anything from the last 3 albums. i really like …And Justice For All but i just feel that they can cut the song off like halfway through like they used to do to master of puppets, just because i think the song drags a bit. no remorse was just incredible. i love kill em all, and that song is one of my favs from the album. fade to black. one of my favorite songs of all time, and my favorite song from metallica. just amazing! a highlight of my life haha i was really happy that they played all of master of puppets. i love the solo and i love the song more then anything from the album. all i say about damage inc. is i really liked what they did with nothing else matters. 2 guitar intro then the whole band. awesome. sad but true is better live than on the record. one was amazing. the whole explosions before was a sight to see. the pre song was almost as good as the song itself. enter sandman is fun live. it feels good to shout "Exit: light, Enter: night" at the top of ur lungs. now i'm not a huge mercyful fate fan, nor am i a king diamond fan, but that performance was special and i really did his voice. seek and destroy was a good closer, but i thought it suck that half the people in the crowd were long gone. still a great show.

so there u have it. my account of the best performance i've seen since iron maiden back in may. also the best pre concert story ever, just for all the funny things that happened, and how short notice it was. thanks to all u who actually read this. and go see metallica on their next tour!!!!
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