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I'v got another one.. I just want to write a list not specially with hit singles but with only "speed" songs... here we go.. thrash metal!!!

01 Sleepwalker
02 Set The World Afire
03 Wake Up Dead
04 In My Darkest Hours (without Intro)
05 Take No Prisoners
06 Killing Is My Business And Business Is Good
07 Devil's Island
08 The Disintegrators
09 Skin OF My Teeth
10 Poison Was The Cure
11 Tornado Of Soul
12 Polaris
13 The Mechanix
14 Kick The Chair
15 Hook In Mouth
16 Peace Sells But Who's Buying
17 Holy Wars
God Bless Rock N Roll... God Bless Heavy Metal... God Bless... Me!! (lol)
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