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perhaps more drawn-out-ness on the horizon.....

okay, my first really post....
i am happy to see the metal masters tour coming to the mohegan sun casino in connecticut this friday, 08-15-08. however, there will be no motorhead. i don't know why, because i'd rather see them over testiclement, anyday... motorhead is also skipping out on the las vegas show in september. this would probably lead to more drawn-out-ness of heaven and hell's heaven and hell.
(kinda like helloween performing halloween off the helloween album. yeah, let's not get too creative boyz!!!!) but i digress...
let me bitch some more...
i am also going to motley crue and buckcherry at the some place on 08-24-08. but the rest of cruefest is not coming....
anyone know why??
i would also have to say that mohegan sun is an awesome place to see a show. last year we saw machinehead, megadeth, heaven and hell, and met everyone from megadeth and heaven and hell. plus more bars than you can drink at.....

testament, heaven and hell, judas priest 08/15
buckcherry, motley crue 08/24

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