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Originally Posted by Electric/Funeral55 View Post
I am really sorry that you're jealous, mate. If I didn't sneak down then I would have not met him. I guess you can call it luck of the draw. I am sure you will meet him one day though. Him and Bobby Blitz have proven to me that people of his stature can still take some time out to meet and greet their fans.
Haha, it's cool. I've met my share of Sava-guys as well (Chris Caffery and Jeff Plate), and they were both really really cool. I've met Blitz twice also. The Savatage shirt thing just really gets me. They're my second favorite band and I've been wanting a shirt forever, but all that ever pops up on Ebay are either plain logo shirts or old shirts that are too small for me (I wear and XL), so yeah, I want one very badly.
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