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Thumbs up Priest in NJ, Aug 9

I agree with the above, great night, I was there for Priest really, and was not disappointed. Best (short) show ever (28 yrs a fan). I think a few years off and not touring together have done them well.
Super tight and sounded clear as can be.

-Scott Travis was strong and kicking; he looks a bit more muscled too.
-KK shined and finally got the spotlight, Thank God, MANY fantastic solos
-Rob was crisp and poised (kiss on US flag at end was interesting, considering the dearth of anything not metal out of Priest ever/dude is a patriot?)
-Song Highlight for me; 'Hell Patrol' was off the charts - Glenn nailed his solo/Rob was a beast, 'Painkiller' a close second, great revised drum start up at beginning - another killer.

Show seemed shortened to make the 11pm noise ordinance, with homes nearby, having the new 'Death' song deleted was probably a blessing, and would have been mis-fit in the middle.

I am looking forward to the Nostradamus tour, though real left turn, I have listened to it several times and am amazed at the talent of Glenn/KK/Rob and Scott (Ian we love you too/no worries). The show should be something different and special based on JP's intense passion invested in that work (3 years in the making and waiting for them to get back out on the road/ and very little news in between).
I would love to hear how the rest of the Metal Masters tour goes.
NJ/NY fans were awesome in Homdel - quite a devouted bunch.
Last, Dio and H&H really kicked ass in their our different groove and deserve to be seen by themselves (Hat off to MH and Tsment - excellent also).
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