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Shit, I figured if I waited this long, someone else would have a review up.


My friend and I got there around 6, just in time to see the last Testament song, but being that I thought it sounded like crap, I really wasn't upset. I'm not a Motorhead fan, but honestly they weren't bad.
Heaven and Hell were most excellent but just didn't play long enough. Seriously, what the fuck are you doing a drum solo for when you're only playing 9 songs? Especially when Vinnie Appice isn't exactly the world's greatest drummer, to say the least. Also, they could do with shortening up the rediculously long version of Heaven and Hell. Regardless, they just didn't play long enough. I can't complain too much though, as "Time Machine", and "Ear in the Wall" were great surprises and I didn't think they'd keep "Falling Off the Edge of the World" in a shortened set like that.
Judas Priest had, seriously, one of the best live mixes and sounds I've ever heard. It was crystal clear, I was seriously impressed. The highlight of the show for me was "Hell Patrol".
The show wasn't incredible, it's hard for me to really be into something from the lawn, but it was well worth the money I spent to buy Nostradamus to get a free ticket.
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