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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I'm in a band myself who have played a large number of shows in varying sized and quality venues over the last 3-4 years. I know what it's like to play on stages with no monitors or with horrible sound, where you can't hear anything that's going on, I definitely can relate. I also easily relate to the tiny tiny stage problem. My band has played at Croc Rock several times in the past, I relate to every aspect of this story.
And I definitely picked up on the shitty quality of the vocal microphone. However it didn't have a monumental affect on the vocals overall as far as I could tell. I've heard the Odin's Court Deathanity CD and wasn't all that impressed with the vocals on that to begin with.
I'm used to comments about Odin's Court vocals, as they are very different than the traditional technical metal vocals most people are used to. I didn't write to dispute your opinion on them. However, you wrote negative comments about ALL 4 vocalists, and I know that the other 3 vocalists are more of the "traditional" sound and all very talented technically. So I didn't find your criticism fair in the context.

So you've played in bands and can understand; that's great! However, are you a vocalist? Have you ever sung in public with reinforced sound where you cannot hear your voice AT ALL? While it is overly challenging to perform on any medium in all cases when you canít hear, vocals are even more challenging. When you hit a snare it makes the sound it is intended to make. When you fret a G chord on a guitar, it sounds the notes for a G chord. When you hit a C key on a keyboard, it plays a C. And so on. All without any further manipulation. However, when you lengthen and shorten your vocal chords, the pitch changes. Your instrument is susceptible to temperature, sickness, strain, etc. And one of the worst factors is not being able to hear, because it makes it much more difficult to maintain pitch, attack, timbre, etc.

Again, I'm not trying to discredit your opinion in regards to Odinís Court and their vocals; Iím merely putting the show and all 4 vocal performances in context to be fair to the performers, as I think it is unfair to judge the other 3 so harshly given the conditions.

Rock on!
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