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Originally Posted by OdinsCourt View Post

There were NO stage monitors. Musicians who perform can understand how this can make things near impossible to deal with, and those who don't will often think "so what" because they typically have no idea of what this means. Why do I say this? Well, the reviewer commented how all of the singers of the bands essentially sucked, sounded dry, didn't fit, weren't great, etc., as well as sloppy performances by bands. Well, they couldn't hear themselves AT ALL. Again, if you aren't a musician and especially a singer, you probably don't understand how stressful this is, and how it makes it nearly impossible to give a solid performance. If you can't hear your pitch or the pitch of the instruments relative to the voice, there is greater room for problems.

The other part about the sound is that the system was messed up, and there were only 3 "working" channels. This meant the keys were miced, and there were 2 vocal mics leftover. Everything else was from cabinets or natural sound. Aside from that, the EQ was obviously screwed up, and made the vocals sound very much like they were filtered through a megaphone. The sound guy did a great job to achieve even this limitations, even though it still yielded a sub par night of sound.

The bands dealt with a lot of stress last night. The situation made it extremely difficult to perform, and unfortunately resulted in a so-so show, when it could of been amazing. The bands all felt bad for the fans most of all, as it is very disappointing to see a show with bad sound, and one where the performers are limited in their ability to deliver. For those who came out, we're all sorry that your expectations may not have been met, and we did all give it our all, and hopefully you can appreciate that.

At any rate, glad there were still some redeeming qualities in the show.
I'm in a band myself who have played a large number of shows in varying sized and quality venues over the last 3-4 years. I know what it's like to play on stages with no monitors or with horrible sound, where you can't hear anything that's going on, I definitely can relate. I also easily relate to the tiny tiny stage problem. My band has played at Croc Rock several times in the past, I relate to every aspect of this story.
And I definitely picked up on the shitty quality of the vocal microphone. However it didn't have a monumental affect on the vocals overall as far as I could tell. I've heard the Odin's Court Deathanity CD and wasn't all that impressed with the vocals on that to begin with.
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