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Originally Posted by Bloodcurse View Post
I was there....Dokken was awesome I thought. I only have two complaints of the show....


2. The opening bands...MAJOR SHIT!!! The one band was the WORST cover band I have ever heard in my entire life!!! Another was a reggee "metal" band if that makes any fucking sense at all...

And Don sounded better than he has in the past few years...still not 100%
1.I said in my review, they were cut off by the curfew of the venue, which apparently has recently been changed to earlier than it was. If it hadn't been as such, they would have played more songs than they did, including Dream Warriors, Paris is Burning, and one or two others as well.

2.I didn't catch any of the opening bands, luckily enough. Every opening band Croc Rock ever books is shitty and inappropriate for the show... well... except my band of course.
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