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Dokken -- Allentown, PA -- August 1st, 2008

Hey. I'm a moderate Dokken fan, they were playing 10 minutes from me, the show was on a Friday for $13, and friends of mine were going. Thus, I gladly decided to catch the show.
We picked my friend up around 9 and got down to the Croc Rock shortly thereafter. We met up with other friends and hung outside until about 9:45. It was excellent. For once I was in a no-stress position at a show. We showed up late enough to miss all the opening bands, and only stood inside for 10 minutes before Dokken came on.
From start the venue's trademark shitty sound shone through, but not nearly as bad as I've sometimes heard it. At least you could clearly hear all instruments and the vocals. Oh yes, the vocals... Don Dokken clearly isn't in the peak vocal condition of his life, cheating his way out of many of the original vocal lines, but as a whole I can't complain. I'd rather have him cut corners than try to sing stuff way out of his range and suck. Also, he's a very witty frontman between songs, I was fairly amused. Jon Levin is perfectly capable of playing the majority of Lynch's solos from what I could tell, but one thing must be made very clear. Don Dokken should NOT be playing a guitar solo. Apparently he didn't get that notice.
Oh, and yes, I know the set list is very short. They were cut off by curfew and only wound up playing about an hour and 15-20 minutes.

1.Kiss of Death
2.Into the Fire
3.Standing on the Outside
4.The Hunter
5.Unchain the Night
6.Just Got Lucky
7.Alone Again
8.Breaking the Chains / Guitar Duel
9.Too High to Fly / Jon Levin Guitar Solo
10.It's Not Love
11.Tooth and Nail
12.In My Dreams
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