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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Along with Radiohead, Tool is a favorite of many pseudo-intellectual teenagers and faggots. They're a band which thinks that writing lyrics about lachrymology makes them artistic. The band, led by midget Maynard James Keenan, is known for their deep and insightful songs about enemas, fisting, Maynard's penis, and being raped in the ass by one's stepfather as a child, as well as their "highly technical" instrumentation. On closer examination, Tool's lyrics reveal that the band are really just a bunch of retards who read too much and should shut the fuck up. For better or worse, Tool's pretentious literary aspirations have not affected any Tool fans, whose literacy rate remains at a steady zero.

thanks encyclopediadramatica!
You sum them up, and so many other bands, beautifully. Too many bands are now reaching out to the "pseudo-intellectual teenagers and faggots". And yet oodles of praise come to these ill-concieved... I don't know what to call them. These bands continually promote themselves with an image that makes it seem intelligent to enjoy something disturbing and off-colored. This should be kvlt stuff for weirdos, not mainstream trash.
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