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great job!

Hey Rob,

You did an awesome job here! Solid work!

I am glad that my prior post helped out.

Unfortunately I missed Machine Head and FFDP at the Englewood, CO show. At that venue the arrangement was a bit different. The Jager and Hot Topics stages were on opposite corners of the venue. Tons of traffic jams and crowded staircases in between. I misread the schedule and thought Machine Head was playing on the Hot Topic stage, but instead they were playing on the Jager stage. By the time I realized my error it was too late. F#&#! I did manage to make it to the Machine Head autograph session though. Got an autographed poster and shook everyone's hand. They were really, really nice guys.

Anyway, thanks again for your review. Very thorough. Makes a very nice resource for others planning to go to the show later in the summer.

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