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Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival -- St. Louis, MO -- July 23, 2008

First of all before I post this, I need to give most all of the credit to Wavelength who posted a great review from the Denver show last weekend. That made this review very easy for me. I printed out the set lists from the review and just took them with me and basically just had to check off the songs as they went. The only reason I decided to post is to add Machine Head's set (it changed a bit from the posts I saw on the earlier Mayhem shows) and Five Finger Death Punch's set, and also to describe how the side stage set up works (because I really liked how they did it).

I did see someone wondering about the time's in between sets over on the side stages. So for anyone going to any of the future shows, here is how they have the side stages set up. The two side stages are the Jagermeister and Hot Topic stages, and they are set up right beside one another. The Hot Topic stage starts the show about 2:15. Each side stage band (except for the two headliners) gets a half hour. As soon as the band on one stage is finished, they shut the sound off to that stage and turn the sound on to the other stage right beside it and that band starts. So there is no waiting in between bands and you don't have to hike to a different area of the ampitheater to see the other stage, which is a really nice set up in my book. The Hot Topic stage has four rotating bands (Black Tide, The Red Chord, 36 Crazyfists, and Suicide Silence) with Underoath headlining it every show (they get 35 minutes as opposed to 30). The Jagermeister stage has a local band from each city that opens the show (they only get 25 minutes), then 3 rotating bands (Airbourne, Walls of Jericho, Five Finger Death Punch), with Machine Head headlining it every show (they get 35 minutes as opposed to 30 as well).

Mastadon starts the main stage at 5:45, so that is the only problem as that is when the overlapping between the stages start, so you will have to make some decisions then. Another interesting factor with Mastadon is that they requested the entire main stage seating area be General Admission during their set. So if you bought seats for the show, they are NOT good during Mastadon's set. So if you want to get down close during Mastadon's set, you will have to leave the side stage are even earlier, which means missing more bands over there. So that was probably about my only complaint is that we had seats pretty close, but could not sit in them during Mastadon as we wanted to watch Airbourne (and they were worth it), so then by the time we got over to the main stage, the lower area was full. But then we did have plenty of time to get back over to the side stage to see Machine Head (they are the final side stage headliner every show).

So that being said, here is the set lists I was able to record.


SLIPKNOT (10:05-11:05 pm)
01. Intro
02. Surfacing
03. The Blister Exists
04. Get This
05. Before I Forget
06. Disasterpiece
07. Psychosocial
08. The Heretic Anthem
09. Prosthetics
10. Duality
11. People=Shit
12. [Sic]

DISTURBED (8:35-9:35 pm)
01. Perfect Insanity
02. Liberate
03. Just Stop
04. Voices
05. Indestructible
06. Prayer
07. Stupify
08. Divide
09. Land of Confusion
10. The Game
11. Inside The Fire
12. Stricken
13. Down With The Sickness

DRAGONFORCE (7:30-8:10 pm)
01. Revolution Deathsquad
02. Operation Ground And Pound
03. Heroes Of Our Time
04. Valley Of The Damned
05. Through The Fire And The Flames

MASTODON (5:45-6:25 pm)
01. The Wolf Is Loose
02. Crystal Skull
03. Capillarian Crest
04. Colony of Birchmen
05. Megalodon
06. Circle Cysquatch
07. Aqua Dementia
08. Iron Tusk
09. March Of The Fire Ants


MACHINE HEAD (7:00-7:35, but they came on about 6:55)
01. Clenching the Fists of Dissent
02. Imperium
03. Ten Ton Hammer
04. Halo
05. Davidian

01. Ashes
02. Salvation
03. The Way of the Fist
04. White Knuckles
05. The Bleeding

01. Stand Up For Rock Ní Roll
02. Hellfire
03. Girls In Black
04. Cheap Wine, Cheaper Women
05. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
06. Runniní Wild


I was not able to get any set lists from this stage, but I can tell you that Black Tide did play their cover of Maiden's "Prowler" from the Kerrang tribute CD that came out last week.
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