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Alter Bridge -- Allentown, PA -- July 25th, 2008

Im sure seeing myself posting this show review probably has more than one person shaking their head. I know, I know, how could I, the lord of power metal actually put down my mighty sword for a few hours to attend a show by a modern hard rock act that actually gets played on the radio?
Well, back when I was like 11 or 12 I was really really into the whole modern radio rock thing, especially Creed who were one of my favorite bands back then. I naturally grew very much out of it over time, but when Alter Bridge got together in 2004 or whatever it was, I really dug the single "Open Your Eyes" because it was all the things I liked about Creed minus all the things I hated... the perfect compromise for me. Regardless, I didn't jump to get into them, just admired them from afar. When "Blackbird" came out last year and I heard "Rise Today" on the radio I liked it, so I borrowed both albums from my band's drummer and gave them a few listens. Still, I wasn't really in love with them.
But I found out like a month ago that they would be playing about 10 minutes from my house for $18, and I always enjoy taking in a show, so when my friend (and drummer) actually offered to buy my ticket so he wouldn't have to go alone, I was in.
Sorry for the big amount of backstory. Now, onto the night itself.
We got in the vicinity around 5:30, and got some bitchin' Chinese food from a place down the street from the venue, before getting in line. Doors actually opened well ahead of time (20 minutes early), and we were all inside and waiting by about 5 of 8. Luckily there was a mere 1 opening band on the tour, 12 Stones, whom I actually also liked way back when in 2001 or whatever it was. Seeing them became proof of much of my change in taste over time, as a lot of their material was a big turn off, though frankly I've seen MUCH worse bands think they're fit to open true metal shows.
Things moved relatively promptly and Alter Bridge came on around 9:30, despite a technical glitch that prevented them from using their intro music. Unfortunately, as usual with the Croc Rock venue, the sound people think "louder = better" and as a result the sound was pretty bad for the majority of the show, which was probably among the loudest I've ever seen. The crowd was fine, I have no complaints there as for once I was able to actually enjoy myself without the guy behind me trying to rape me up the ass. I hadn't expected AB's singer Myles Kennedy to play nearly the amount of lead guitar that he did, which I found really impressive. The band was pretty damn tight on the whole, the drumming I found very top notch. Despite tearing it up pretty damn well, Mark Tremonti seriously makes about the funniest faces I've ever seen while he solos. All things considered, I really had a great time and would jump at the chance to see these guys again. If you're into the style of music, or even if you're not, you just can't beat it.

Alter Bridge set list:
1.Come Alive
2.Find the Real
3.Brand New Start
4.White Knuckles
5.Buried Alive
6.One By One
7.Before Tomorrow Comes
8.Ties That Bind
10.Watch Over You
12.Open Your Eyes
13.Broken Wings
14.MudBone (blues jam-type thing)
15.Rise Today
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