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Talking Boris -- Lawrence, KS -- July 23rd, 2008

God damn.

I left my house at about 6, got some money out of the bank (after some lady took literally 10 minutes at the ATM, ) and got to Lawrence about 6:45. I headed over to The Jackpot to get tickets for Origin and Impaled, but wtf! They only sell tickets on the day of the show. Oh well.

I headed to the Granada and there are literally 10 people in line. Luckily, this included my friends little brother (little = a year younger than me) and his friends, so I got to cut the 3 people behind them. Take that!

Ticket said doors were at 7, but doors were actually at 8. That's okay! It's a little hot, but I don't mind waiting. What's that? Doors are at 9? Well fuck. Jacob and his friends go off to get some dinner quick as I hold their place in line. Some bastard behind me goes to the Sylas and Maddie's Ice Cream place right down the street and it looks damn good. One of Jacob's friends comes back and I leave to get something. Holy shit, if you're ever in Lawrence, Kansas, go to Sylas and Maddie's and get a damn Strawberry Banana Smoothie. Shit is FANTASTIC. But what do I see when I step outside with my fantastic frozen beverage? THE DOORS OPENED. I WAS GONE FOR LITERALLY 5 MINUTES. I said "GOD DAMNIT" in front of a little girl playing with her doggy, but I was too busy running back to the line to say I was sorry. Luckily, it didn't make much of a difference. Got in, got a great spot to stand in, and got ready for the first band, Lair Of The Minotaur. (btw i had to throw half of the smoothie away. )

Lair of the Minotaur reminded me a bit of High On Fire without the solos. It didn't take them long to kick it into high-gear, and they were very loud, heavy, and metal. No one I was with liked them, but I thought they were fantastic! I'd like to see them again, but maybe with other bands. 8.5/10

Set (partial/out of order):
Carnage Fucking Carnage
Juggernaut Of Metal
The Ultimate Destroyer
War Metal Battle Master

I had never heard Torche and I really wasn't looking forward to them. I say this because they were in town last November opening for Jesu, and from what I understand, Jesu is *zzzzzzzzzzz* so I wasn't expecting much from Torche.

I was wrong.

Torche was fantastic. Every song was heavy, fast, and really fucking fun to listen to. I'm going to go ahead and throw this out there and say: Torche is the best Stoner/Doom metal out there today. Yeah, I said it. Apparently they opened up with a Beatles song (She's So Heavy) because Jacob turned around and gave me a weird look. "THIS IS A BEATLES SONG" and he was mad. Torche is awesome and really fun to listen to. No setlist though, they didn't announce any of their songs. 9/10

Me and one of Jacob's friends made our way up to the front just for Boris. Before I know it, an old Japanese man comes out with a guitar and starts tuning it. People cheered. I thought to myself "haha, what idiots. They think any Asian here is in Boris." Whoops! That was actually Michio Kurihara. And I'll get this out of the way: Michio was the best part of Boris. If they don't make him a permanent member, then they're crazy. He added a unique touch with solos, noise, feedback, etc. to every song that just...MADE it. He was insane.

While the rest of the band was tuning, what the fuck do I hear on the PA? Von (song) by Von (band). I fucking LAUGHED. HARD. I never in a million years thought I'd hear Von anywhere other than my computer. But of course, Boris knows who they are:


They kick off into an amazing set. They touch on all of their Smile songs, playing Flower Sun Rain and then segued right into Buzz-In and Laser Beam. As they were fading out of the song and Michio is playing the lovely acoutsic sounding part at the end of Laser Beam, Wata kicks right into Pink. The place went nutso. After that was Statement, a personal favorite of mine. The solos and improvisations were great.

After that was Floor Shaker, but the real gem of the night was after that. They played Rainbow and when Michio kicked in with his mindfuck of a solo, it made the night for me. Let me state it again: BORIS. MAKE HIM A PERMANENT MEMBER. After that, Takeshi introduced Michio which got a huge reaction, and then they went into another favorite from Smile, My Neighbor Satan. After that, they did a couple of (I think) improved drone songs. The sound here was tremendous, yet also oddly soothing. It was so much at some times that I had no choice but to bow my head and close my eyes. It was definitely powerful and definitely an experience.

They then did No Ones Grieve and You Put Up Your Umbrella, which was just one huge drone/noise orgy. The last song they did was the Untitled track from Smile, complete with the freakout from the album. As the rest of the band were hammering out the ending notes as heavy as they could, Atsuo (in his ridiculously awesome outfit) stood on the drumkit and made his way down to the crowd, jumping in and surfing. Of course he comes my way and since I'm taller than most of the indie kids there, I basically held him up and propelled him back to the stage. I had a handful of Atsuo ass. He thanked the crowd, walked off stage, and the rest of the band finished (heavily) and did the same.


Flower Sun Rain
Laser Beam
Floor Shaker
My Neighbor Satan
-Drone Freakout
No Ones Grieve
You Put Up Your Umbrella



Boris owes Von a fucking check or something. They also have a "Voris" shirt with the Boris logo on the Satanic Blood Angel CD cover. Fucking awesome, but not in my size.

In closing: Go to this concert if it comes near you. Lair Of The Minotaur is awesome. Torche is REALLY awesome. And Boris is the awesomest.

i want another smoothie.
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